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Anti-pollution face creams

Moisturizing face creams are good, moisturizing and anti-pollution face creams are better! And if in addition they are certified organic, 100% natural origin, in a pretty pink glass bottle, with a legible label and a divine peony scent, what more could you dream of?

The effects of pollution on the skin


Whether or not we are a hard city dweller, we are all regularly confronted with air pollution. When we see the black films that accumulate on windows or outdoor furniture, we have reason to worry about the state of our lungs … And it is the same for our skin, the organ that protects us from external aggressions. But who protects our skin?

Beyond the impact on our general well-being due to the noise of car horns and engines, pollution has harmful effects on our skin. Indeed, the fine particles emitted by exhaust pipes will attack the skin and induce premature aging. Dryness, irritation, dull complexion … But also allergies and hypersensitivity can occur. Skin problems can also be due to pollution, such as blackheads or acne.


In short, our skin must be protected from pollution and this is what we offer you with our new moisturizing and anti-pollution face creams.


How can our moisturizing face cream have an anti-pollution effect?


The anti-pollution effect of our cream comes from the emulsifier we use. As a reminder, an emulsifier is an ingredient used to create an emulsion, a texture in which we mix water and oils, which normally do not mix by nature. But the emulsifier is a molecule comprising a water-loving part and an oil-loving part, allowing these two phases to be mixed.


But how does it act against pollution? According to the clinical tests carried out, the use of this ingredient in a formula makes it possible to :


Decrease the adhesion of pollution particles on the skin

To help eliminate pollution particles when cleaning the skin

Limit the lowering of skin pH due to pollution particles

Quickly return to a more suitable skin pH level

The action of our emulsifier is thus triple! It limits to the maximum the adhesion of pollution particles on the skin, like a protective boomerang. But if ever certain particles manage to fix themselves on our skin, it « captures » them so that they can be eliminated during skin cleansing. Finally, it ensures a good balance of the pH of our skin, which is essential for the proper functioning of all our microbiota.


To fight against pollution: compulsory make-up removal every evening!

One will never repeat it enough, the secrecy of a beautiful skin is a systematic make-up removal every evening. No matter what time you go to bed, no matter how tired you are, we take 2 minutes and we motivate ourselves to remove make-up.


All day long, dirt clings to our skin. The make-up can also block our pores which must be freed! And if moreover we add to all that fine particles resulting from pollution, it is more than essential to cleanse the face every evening.


First you remove your eye make-up with a specific product so as not to irritate them, then you remove your face with a milk or oil and finally you go on to the cleansing stage. Dry skin or mixed to oily skin, we always cleanse ourselves gently, with a product that foams as little as possible (who says foam says irritation, we remind you!). For the heads in the air, we reread this article on sulphates).


And to finish, one uses the face cream Natéclo hydrating and anti-pollution adapted to his type of skin. You have a doubt? We’ve got it all covered with this questionnaire to help you see more clearly.


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